A Good Old Fashioned Family Recipe

There are some days when you just need a taste of home. Living in a different city than my immediate family, there are times when I feel homesick. It sounds silly, seeing as I am a grown woman with a home of my own, but, that longing for ‘home’ will surface at one time or another. It’s usually triggered by all the cliché things one would expect, like a song’s lyrics (Stop This Train by John Mayer gets me every time). But mostly it’s when I find myself going through a big change, be it positive or negative; wishing I could have my clan by my side to guide me through it.

While it may be silly, whenever I do feel that way, I can’t help but embrace it. Going through some big life changes recently, I find myself sometimes procrastinating from the goals and tasks that need to get done. On one such occasion a couple of weeks ago, I called my Mum to ask her for our family’s banana bread recipe. A few minutes later she sent me a picture of her recipe card, handwritten and faded. Seeing the card immediately brought me back to the kitchen of my childhood home. I suddenly could remember the texture of our kitchen table; how even in the summer months, the table’s varnish was always cold to the touch. I remember the windows that looked out into our back yard and how my Mum would always leave unripened avocados on the window sill to soak in the sun’s rays. There was a vintage bread box that sat on top of the counter. There was a time when my brother and I were once too short to reach those counter tops.

Shortly after receiving a copy of the recipe, I found myself in my own kitchen making a batch of banana bread. I replaced most of the recipe’s traditional ingredients with paleo-friendly alternatives, but the foundation of the recipe, was my family. Much like when life hands me a curve ball, or when I’m faced with a new challenge, that longing for ‘home’ to me, is the overwhelming reminder of my incredible support system.

Paleo-Friendly Ingredient Substitutes

  • Flour replaced with almond flour
  • Sugar replaced with 2/3 cup maple syrup and 1/3 cup unsweetened apple sauce
  • Butter replaced with coconut oil
  • Optional – dark chocolate and chopped walnuts

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Finds & Favorites for the Spring Season

Winter is a long haul in the North. When spring finally arrives, it truly feels marvelous. To feel the hot sun and be able to sport a light jacket as opposed to the heavy parkas we’re all used to wearing for what feels like forever is so liberating. This week on the blog, I thought I would share some of my favorites for this spring, or shall we say end of winter. The items below are a bit of a mix; some which I find are more ideal for the never ending cold weather when I am stuck indoors, while others are great for spending time outdoors, or for getting dressed up to grab a glass of rosé at the neighborhood patio.

Libations & Fare Banana Bread

Actually, chocolate chip banana bread. Over the past few weeks, I find myself taking strolls to nearby coffee shops for a nice cup of a coffee and of course, a sweet snack. My indulgence of the month has been banana bread and once those cravings hit, it’s a difficult cycle to break. Loaves of all kinds have always been a dessert favorite of mine. When I realized that my café receipts began to add up quick, I decided to make my own paleo banana bread, which I revised from an old family recipe. I find it has been a somewhat healthier option than store bought breads and it’s more affordable too. If you are interested in the recipe, stick around, as it will be on the blog this week!

Threads Rain Boots

There is something so satisfying about hopping through puddles on a nature walk, without having to worry about getting your shoes or feet wet. I recently got a pair of ankle rain boots. They are perfect for spring strolls or April showers. Considering they are rain boots, I find them to be pretty versatile and stylish. Lately, I have been wearing them with leggings, but also with dressier items like skirts and tights.

Wellness – Careergasm: Find Your Way to Feel Good Work

We’ve all heard of the spring cleaning expression, and often it is used both literally and figuratively. I see spring cleaning as a time of reassessment. Perhaps to start something new or re-discover hobbies I have long forgotten. Careergasm is a great read for anybody who is looking to bring about change within their personal or professional lives. It’s a quick read and there are little homework assignments to complete every couple of chapters. I love the writing style of the author and the book has left me not only with things to think about, but with useful career tools and inspiration.

Beauty – L’Oreal Magic Skin BB Cream

My go-to spring look includes L’Oreal’s BB Cream. I find myself using this product on a daily basis. What I love so much about this product is how little is needed. While it does not provide full coverage, it definitely works to neutralize the skin tone. I apply a small amount to the t-zone area and gently blend into the skin, working outwards with a blending sponge or with fingers. The result leaves my skin looking refreshed. 

Extra! Extra!

Two words: Peaky Blinders. I powered through this amazing show over the last couple of weeks when it was too cold and yes, snowy, to be outside. It is such a great series and I love the story line and character development just as much as the aesthetic of the show. Set in post-war (WWI) Birmingham, the show’s about a business man and his family who run an illegal gambling operation. What’s great about the show is that while the set and costume design depict the era of the time, the music of the show is modern, which gives the show an incredibly unique style.

So those are my favorites for spring time! For the days when the cold weather lingers, I find myself surrendering to the cold by cozying up with a new book or show on Netflix. When the sun shines, I can’t get enough of the great outdoors. What are some of your favorites for the spring season?