Adding to My Makeup Collection

I like to have at least one day throughout the week where I don’t follow a schedule, where I won’t look at my to-do list or my calendar.  One day for me to relax and unwind. While I try not to plan these days, they are very routine, which suits me just fine.

The day will start with yoga, followed by homemade breakfast and a hot cup of coffee. In between loads of laundry, I try to get all my meal planning done and get back from the grocery store before noon so that I can have an afternoon of relaxation.

On a recent Sunday afternoon, I decided to treat myself to a few things at the drugstore. I love experimenting with new makeup products or purchasing favorite items so that I can re-stock my makeup collection.

I started with picking up a couple of essential items that I use on a regular basis that I  had run out of. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm is a favorite of mine and I love the Vanilla Bean flavour. I also picked up some new makeup remover pads. Lastly, I picked up a new sheet mask by Garnier to add to my inventory. I like to treat myself to a face mask once a week or so. I went for a purifying mask, which I thought would be helpful for my complexion during the summer months. Between sunscreen applications and humid weather, my skin is oilier at this time of year.

For new makeup products, I always like to stroll through the cosmetics aisle in search of products that I can incorporate into either a vintage inspired look or historic character makeup. The first item I picked up was a cream blush in the shade Sparkling Coral by Marcelle. I have used their cream blushes before. I find they have a good amount of pigment, but I do find they work best if you build the product through applying light layers onto the skin. When I saw this shade I immediately thought of Grace Kelly. Many of her 1950s looks included soft pinks and coral shades of rouge and lipstick.

The last thing I bought was a liquid eyeshadow by Pixi by Petra. When testing out the eye shadow, I was positively surprised at how glittery the product was. I picked up the shade SunRay, expecting a warm gold colour, however, the tint of the glitter is a cool toned shade, with lots of silver and gold blended together. I can think of a lot of vintage eras where this product could work well. The two that immediately come to mind are obviously the 1970s and 1990s, but I think for this product I will definitely go back further to earlier centuries, perhaps the medieval era or the renaissance period.

My days off don’t usually include a mini shopping spree at the drugstore, but I think it’s important to treat yourself once in a while on the weekends. Taking time out to meal plan, enjoy an afternoon or test out new makeup looks are things I truly appreciate on the weekends. It helps me feel rested, restored and inspired for the new week!