Early 1960s Makeup Look

For this week’s vintage look, I decided to go for a classic makeup look of the early sixties. I was inspired by the makeup in Netflix‘s The Crown. I powered through seasons 1 and 2 over the past few months and it has been one of my favorite shows this year. Watching period piece dramas are always so inspiring to me. While I was so captivated by the show’s story line and performances, I couldn’t help but also diligently study the incredible set design, costumes and makeup.


I found Season 2 of the show did such a great job at capturing the vibrancy of the early 1960s era; a time where change occurred at an ever increasingly rapid pace. I recently re-watched an episode in season 1 and it’s unbelievable the contrast between each season. Season 1, which begins in the late 1940s, is made up of darker, muted tones through the show’s costumes, lighting and makeup. As a viewer, I almost felt as though I was watching a show filmed in black and white. In contrast, the aesthetic of the second season is made up of bright colours and what feels like lots of natural, outdoor lighting, giving the show a completely different and modern look.

In reflection of the second season, I thought about some of the colours that stood out during the show. I remember the highly pigmented matte lipstick that was a bright orange-red, worn by Vanessa Kirby who plays Princess Margaret. There was also the blue pastel dress worn by Jackie Kennedy when she first meets the Queen in episode 8. My inspiration for this look was the makeup worn by the incredibly talented Claire Foy, who plays Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown. A classic look for any decade.