How I Quit Coffee: January Goals Update


At the start of 2017, I made the commitment to set out achievable goals that I knew could be achieved through out each month of the year. For January, my goals were lifestyle themed in that I wanted to make a few simple changes to my everyday routine in hopes that I would feel more fit and energized. Now, at the end of January, my average daily step count is about 11, 000 steps, I’ve lost the holiday weight that I gained over Christmas and I start each day with a balanced breakfast. These achieved goals have given me more energy and have set me on a path of making more health-conscious decisions within my life. But, I have also realized that this path is a long and winding road, one with many hurdles that I need to jump through to achieve the balanced and healthy lifestyle I need long-term. Within my five-item list for January, I was to make an effort to cut out the additives in my coffee and tea. Cutting sugar and milk out of my tea required no effort. I’ve always drank tea black. Coffee, however, was a different story.

While I typically only drink one cup per day, I cannot start my day without my cup of coffee. It’s literally the first thing I think about when I get up in the morning and is my reward for waking up on time and not hitting ‘snooze’. Though the ritual of letting the coffee steep for no less than ten minutes is part of the thrill, nothing compares to that first sip. The first sip of a steaming cup of coffee complete with coffee cream and a drop of maple syrup.  After that first sip, I am instantly awake and am able to handle what the day ahead might decide to throw at me.

As someone with anxiety, I often looked at coffee as a shield, when in fact it was my aggressor. I only came to realize this once I started to drink my coffee black. Coffee has always made me jittery, put me on edge and I’ve now realized has acted as a trigger for my anxiety. For years, I’d managed to ignore these warning signs because of my dependence to it and the joy coffee gave me. When I started to drink coffee black, I no longer enjoyed it as much, it would take me forever to finish my morning cup. What’s more is that I started to become aware of its side effects. Over the course of this past month, I’ve slowly come to realize that this beverage is no longer for me. I decided to quit.

I’m now on my fifth day without coffee. Within these five days, I haven’t had a single anxious thought, nor have I experienced any caffeine crashes. Instead, my mornings start with tea.


I used to always drink tea and can’t really remember exactly when I started my coffee routine. I think it slowly began when I was in university. Coffee was more sophisticated than tea, was my thought at the time. Now I have to beg to differ. What could be more sophisticated than sipping English Breakfast tea in a vintage tea cup while having scones and preserves?

What I’ve realized is that I’ve always associated coffee as the thing to get me through the high stress times. It has been the quick pick up after a terrible night’s sleep or the rush of energy needed so that I can meet a deadline. On the flip side, I’ve always connected tea with the relaxing moments in life.  Peppermint tea before a good night’s sleep, tea in the sun while visiting with family, never with the caffeine jitters to follow.

While I would call my January goals a good start towards a healthy lifestyle, my biggest accomplishment over this past month has been realizing that coffee no longer brings nourishment to my life. My only goal for February is to keep up the coffee detox. I’ll make sure to check back monthly to share my updates on this and other 2017 goals.

How are your New Years’ resolutions going? Have there been accomplishments, challenges, realizations? Please let me know in the comments below and if you haven’t already subscribed, please feel free to follow my blog to receive more vintage lifestyle blogs on a weekly basis.

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2 thoughts on “How I Quit Coffee: January Goals Update

  1. That’s a great resolution – I hope it’s going well! One way I stay motivated to workout is by regularly switching up my workout mix. With having new music to listen to, going to the gym is my way of taking the time to listen to music, new and old, while also getting exercise!

  2. Good for you!!! My resolution is to work out 4 times/week. My biggest issue with exercise is consistency. I tend to always push my workouts to the end of the day but that would just result in me not going and feeling bad about it after. I started moving it to the morning and although it’s hard to get that energy to drag myself there, I’m always glad after I do it!!

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