Elegance & Refinement – Inspiration for a Balanced Breakfast

1Cinnamon Porridge – Oatmeal, almond butter, cinnamon, banana & honey

For this week I decided to share my progress on eating a balanced breakfast each and every morning. Throughout the fall months, I spent too much time either skipping breakfast altogether or indulging in rich coffee and sweets at the nearest coffee shop. With the New Year started, one of my goals is to make some easy lifestyle changes. Because breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, I thought that making changes to my breakfast routine would be a good place to start.

2A Country Breakfast – Eggs, rye toast, cream cheese, arugula & mushrooms

My goal is to have breakfasts that combine a harmony of protein, carbs and fiber. When I set this goal on New Years Day, I enjoyed a quiet afternoon of watching Netflix and searching Pinterest for inspiration on breakfast ideas. Amidst my pinning of oatmeal and smoothies, I completely forgot that one of my favorite shows, Downton Abbey was playing in the background. Distracted by the background noise, I paused the show and landed on a still of Lord Grantham eating breakfast, as he typically does in his dining hall. A breakfast complete with toast and tea, but also a review of the morning newspaper and daily correspondence.

3Berry Smoothie – Berries, almond milk, yogurt, cinnamon, banana, oats & arugula

This got me to thinking that breakfast is not just about the food, but the routine of taking the time to enjoy a balanced breakfast. Whether your day was spent up or down the stairs of an estate like Downton, no one’s role within the household could be done effectively without a hearty breakfast. Whether you were a member of the housekeeping staff or the Dowager Countess herself, everyone took a few minutes to eat breakfast in the company of their peers before the start of each day.

And so, for my first week of 2017, I made breakfast each morning, inspired by the menu items of the Edwardian era: farm fresh eggs, whole grain toast, oatmeal, berries and of course, tea (well, coffee during the workdays, tea on the weekends!).

4Molasses Toast (For the days you wish you could be having pancakes) – toast, vegan butter (or regular butter), molasses, brown sugar, cinnamon

My favorite element of this lifestyle change is that it is not just what’s on the menu at breakfast, but the consistency of taking a few minutes to enjoy the meal I’ve prepared. It has only been the first week, but already I feel the benefits of starting each day calm, nourished and full of energy that lasts throughout the day. My life does not have all the drama and intrigue as the characters of Downton Abbey, but the tradition of enjoying a balanced breakfast and taking time to read the morning paper is a routine that I can definitely see myself continuing throughout 2017.

7Avocado Toast – toast, avocado, soft boiled egg


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