Goals for the New Year: An Introduction


The New Year is here and it never fails to astonish me how quickly the years continue to go by. When the clock tolls midnight each January 1st, I can’t help but always feel a wave of emotions hit me. But amidst the countdown, the hugs from friends and celebratory cheer, I often initially ignore the emotions that begin to crash into me.

By mid-day on January 1st, I take the time to acknowledge that the emotions I’m experiencing are a reminder that my loved ones and I are another year older, that we have been ever so fortunate to have celebrated another happy Christmas together and that time, inevitably, keeps moving forward. Over the years, I have developed a tradition to take a few moments on New Year’s Day to reflect upon the year that has gone by, but also contemplate the year ahead and what is to come.

As I sat alone this New Year’s Day this year with my cup of tea in hand, I remembered all the good and bad times over the past year. This process, for me, is a healing one. It is an opportunity to appreciate each moment in life, learn from each experience and evaluate what the New Year will look like by taking ownership and planning for the future.

In the past, the resolutions I’ve noted have always tended to be too broad. For 2017, I’ve decided that my only resolution is to set out goals that are specific, that can be achieved in 30 days or less and that will have a lasting impact. As I planned for the months ahead, I picked up my notebook and wrote down five goals for the month of January:

  1. Eat a balanced breakfast every day
  2. Lose the holiday weight (5 lbs)
  3. Drink tea and coffee black; no added milk or sugar
  4. Take an evening walk after dinner
  5. Have dinner no later than 7:00 PM

To get through the January blues, my five goals are centered on making both easy and lasting lifestyle changes that will help me increase my energy levels throughout the winter months. Over the next five weeks I will be reporting my journey here, on Fanciful Impressions.

As I started my planning for the upcoming year, I felt motivated. As with my tradition of reflection and resolutions at the start of each year, I do initially experience a momentary sense of loss for the year that has passed. However, what quickly follows are the remarkable feelings of inspiration and anticipation for the year ahead. This is just the beginning of the first month of what I hope will be a remarkable year – Cheers to 2017!