1940’S Makeup Palette


One of my favorite go-to makeup looks for the start of autumn is a natural look inspired by makeup trends of the 1940s. In contrast to the makeup styles of the thirties, makeup from the forties is made up of fresh hues and shades, typically complimented with a bold and full lipstick. The popular tones of this era are great for both a daytime or evening fall look and I wanted to share my interpretation of this style over a three-part series. This first blog will outline the color palettes ideal to achieve this look. The second part of the series will include a forties’ inspired hairstyle tutorial. Lastly, I will share the products I’ve used to achieve my own 1940s vintage look. Be sure to check back soon for the classic hairstyle tutorial. For now, let’s talk color!

­Eye Palette

Eye Palette1

Traditional to old Hollywood trends, 1940s makeup still kept with the eye shadow tones of the previous decade. Included in a typical eye shadow palette, were silvers, greys and charcoals. A big contrast from the 1930s, was that the forties era greatly downplayed the dramatic swoops of the eyes. Instead, this era focused more on simply filling in the lid. Minimal eye liner was used and was rarely thick and defined. Eyebrows were also a more natural shape and eye shadow rarely swept up to the brow.

Face & Blush Palette

Blush Palette2

With films increasing in popularity, women of the forties started to pay more attention to their skin to resemble the complexions of big Hollywood names. While heavy and liquid powders were not introduced until the early fifties, a daily skin regimen to keep skin glowing and blemish free was an ever important routine.

In contrast to the previous era, where blush was applied in a downward motion from directly under the lower eyelid, blush in this period was swept upward. The palette for blush was typically orange-based, consisting of orangy-reds, corals and peach tones.

Lip Palette

Lip Palette1

Lips of this era were naturally defined but also full. They fell under the orange tones as well. The lip was a bold and matte shade. For an evening look, lipstick would include shades of red, whereas day time looks would be coral or orange based.

There you have it – an introduction to a 1940s look. Make sure to check back soon for a step-by-step vintage hairstyle tutorial! If you are new to this blog, I invite you to check out earlier posts where you will find vintage stories, makeup inspiration, DIY projects and lifestyle discussions from a vintage and reflective perspective. You can subscribe to Fanciful Impressions by clicking ‘Follow’ in the link on the top right.