A Creative Space – Vintage Inspired

A messy environment brings my creative energy to a standstill. It’s distracting, overwhelming and at the core of it, only makes a mess in my mind. It is this very outcome that motivates me to make the effort to keep my home and creative space tidy. It seems silly, but the truth is that something as little as leftover dirty dishes on the kitchen counter or a pile of unfolded laundry will create stress that is entirely unnecessary.


With our hectic lives, I feel it’s important to minimize the triggers of stress I can avoid. A few months ago, I wrote an entry on my Digital Detox evening routine. With the summer in full swing, my routine that requires a conscious resistance of picking up my cell phone just before bedtime is almost effortless. Much of my weeknights are now spent cherishing the sunny outdoors, sipping iced tea on the patio or shooting hoops with my husband. My digital technology left at home, unable to persuade me to peruse social media.

When the sun goes down, I try to take a good half hour to tidy the house. There’s something about both starting and ending the day in a tidy space that makes my daily routine that much more seamless. Then of course, once the cleaning is done, I will retreat to my favorite place in the house, my new writing space. There I will sit with a hot cup of peppermint tea and my notebook. With both my physical surroundings and my mind free of clutter – the words will flow onto the pages, right where they belong. This is my happy place.


While I try to keep my creative space clutter free, I do fill the space with vintage inspired items that are very special to me. My desk is decorated with gifts I have received from family and friends, each of whom I have learned so much from and admire. Having their love surrounding the space is a great inspiration. And the gifts they have given me, I mean – they’re amazing! When I’m in this space I start each writing session feeling grateful for all the love and support I have in my life.


I hope this blog brings you some inspiration for building your own creative space. From my own experience, it has been so important for me to have a space that is all my own and that offers me time to ponder, reflect and brainstorm.