Seventies-Inspired Cocktail Accessories – DIY


I had completely forgotten about the classic recipe of the Tequila Sunrise up until recently. A cocktail that is both smooth and delicious and that proved to be a refreshing summer beverage that I decided to make for some friends over the weekend. Though it was too hot to serve fondue, these cocktails were enough to bring us back to the seventies era, where recipes like this one were once popular. While this recipe is traditionally served in high ball tumblers, I decided to serve these colorful beverages in some vintage margarita glasses I found at a nearby thrift shop. The blue glass complemented the red and orange drinks perfectly.

To add to my seventies theme, I decided to make some vintage cocktail accessories. To help my guests identify whose glass was whose, I decided to make beaded identification tags for my margarita glasses. The best part was that the craft only cost $4.75 thanks to a quick trip to the dollar store to buy my craft supplies.


Before going to the dollar store, I decided to do some research to find beads that would suit the 1970s vibe that I was attempting to create. I managed to find very earthy wooden beads that reminded me of the beaded curtains that were popular in the 1970s era. Overall, this DIY project was a great success. The identification tags looked like they were from the era and will be great to use at future parties. To create your very own cocktail accessories, check out the instructions below:


Supplies Needed: Scissors, Pliers, Wire, Craft Beads (Assorted)



  1. Cut a piece of wire that is about 3 inches in length;
  2. With the pliers, bend one end of the wire into a very small triangle to hold the beads in place;
  3. Select a color scheme for your first identification tag and add beads onto wire;
  4. Once all beads have been added, cut off remaining wire and fold the other end of the wire into a triangle to hold the beads in place;
  5. Wrap completed identifier around margarita glass; and
  6. Repeat steps 1 – 5 using different color beads.

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