Creative Workspace – Vintage Art Project

Writing is a space to clear my mind. On one side, it is my process of working out all of life’s puzzles that buzz around my head. On the other side, writing can help get my creative ideas or stories out on paper.  But sometimes, whether it is life’s challenges that need sorting or an idea that I’m not sure how to implement, drawing is my way to take a pause and get some peace of mind.

For me, drawing is a form of relaxation. Sketching or coloring just completely puts my mind at ease. And sometimes, the clarity that comes with sketching can help lead to the answer or solution to the puzzle that’s been consuming me.

Some of my favorite things to draw are sketches of historic and vintage dresses. I once had a book on the history of fashion with dress styles from each era, dating all the way back to medieval times. I often used that book as a reference for each dress I would sketch.


More recently, I decided to pick up my sketch pad for an interesting DIY project idea. I have been in the process of making a creative space at home so that I can put more time into writing and working on my vintage ideas and projects. While I’m still shopping around for the perfect desk, I did treat myself to a lovely fabric bulletin board. I would like for the bulletin board to hang above the desk so that I can pin inspiration, notes, etc. To start off my inspiration board for the new work space, I decided to sketch vintage outfit designs from my following favorite eras:


  • Medieval Times
  • Georgian Era
  • Edwardian Era
  • The Roaring Twenties
  • The Seventies

Using some sketch paper, a pencil, a black sharpie and colored pencils, I created a timeline of vintage fashion trends.


Can you guess which sketch is from which era? 

Now that my inspiration board is complete, it’s time to find the perfect desk or writing surface. Ideally, I would like to find something that is second hand, hopefully a mid-century modern piece. Make sure to visit Fanciful Impressions again soon as I would like to share the finished space once complete!


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  1. Beautiful renditions of period clothing. I can imagine this is the way specific pieces are chosen for period movies.

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