Lipstick Shades From Back in the Day – 1990s Inspired


I grew up in the nineties. I was guilty of sporting both butterfly clips and snap pants in the same ensemble. As I look back, and have a laugh at the styles that were once popular, I realize that I missed the fashion and makeup experience of early nineties grunge. I was still a kid in the early nineties; preoccupied with television shows like Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I didn’t know what the grunge era was until much later, when I finally started listening to Nirvana. My memories of fashion and makeup from the first five years of the nineties were from fashion trends sported by my older and much cooler cousins. At family occasions, they would sport the classic Blossom hat or the Clueless look. From the eyes of a ten year-old, all I could think of was how much I couldn’t wait to go to high school so I could wear cool outfits too. Unfortunately, the latter half of the era had much less of an impact than the early nineties. I hope that we won’t ever have to see those butterfly clips again. Or worse, remember those glittery lip glosses that always smelled like sugar?

Of my sophisticated kin that I looked up to, only one of them was from my eyes, grunge. He had long hair, plaid shirts and dock martens. His girlfriend at the time was always dressed in black. When she would attend family dinners, I remember thinking that she looked spooky. Her style included long black sweaters, an exaggerated side part of her hair and dark lipstick. Though I aspired to one day dress and be as sophisticated as my older cousins during those days, the dark lipstick was never on my wish list.

Today, however, my attitude towards the grunge look has changed. Over the past couple of years, we all know that the trends of those early nineties days are back. Whether it be the floral prints or high-waisted denim, these looks of that now long-ago era have proved that they stand the test of time. In winter particularly, I enjoy pretending that I’m cool enough to sport the grunge look. I brace the cold and winter snow with plaid flannel shirts, black boots and of course, the dark purple and brown shades of lipstick. The very same style that my childhood-self perceived as somewhat scary; is now my go-to look for January.


From Left to Right – The Body Shop’s Clover Pink, Buxom Cosmetics’ Hooligan, Maybelline’s Plum Perfect, The Balm’s Amanda Kissmylips and Maybelline’s Deepest Cherry