Antique Letters to Note Your 2016 Accomplishments


The New Year is known as a time for new beginnings; a clean slate. To mark the start of a new year, tradition has taught us to take the time to reflect on ourselves and create resolutions for the year ahead. That is, objectives that will motivate us to improve ourselves in some way throughout the upcoming months. I’ve always struggled emotionally with this holiday. Its conventions encourage us to move forward, but sometimes we just aren’t ready to move ahead.

In years’ past, I’ve often found myself making resolutions that I really wasn’t that committed to. No sooner would I put my goals for the year to the page, would I forget all about them. And before I knew it, a year would pass and upon reflection, I realized that I failed to achieve the goals I’d set out to do. I’ve reached the conclusion that in order for my resolutions to be successful, I need to be all in. And so, for this year, I’ve decided to really take the time to make resolutions that I know I can deliver on.

Until I finalize what types of goals I wish to achieve for 2016, I made a fun little project to help me along the way. Over the weekend I felt like doing a DIY craft. Using scrap paper and Orange Pekoe tea, I made some antique writing paper. Once I had made the vintage stationary, I decided to use it for a very important purpose: to write notes to myself. For though I may not have made any resolutions yet for 2016, that does not mean that this year will be without accomplishment, success and memorable moments. With these beautiful pieces of antique paper, I have decided to note my successes throughout the year. Instead of having to tally what I did not accomplish at the end of 2016, I will have a pile of notes that will outline what I did accomplish.

If you are interested in noting your accomplishments throughout the year, you definitely do not need to take an hour to make antique paper. But, if you are passionate about all things vintage like me, I strongly encourage it! For me, the antique paper made this project more meaningful.

To create your own antique paper, I’ve included the steps below. That’s the easy part! The hard part will be making sure to note your incredible successes throughout the year ahead. Make sure to write them down, because by next December, you will be surprised at just how much you can accomplish in one year – resolutions or not.

Steps to Make Antique Writing Paper

Supplies: Mason jar or coffee mug, orange pekoe tea, water (2 cups), writing paper, scissors, pen

Step 1 – Boil 2 cups of water

Step 2 – Pour boiled water into a large coffee mug or mason jar and add one bag of orange pekoe tea. Let the tea steep for 5 minutes. Once the 5 minutes is up, remove the tea bag and set aside.



Step 3 – Let the tea cool in the fridge for 25 – 30 minutes.

Step 4 – As the tea cools, use scissors to cut your writing paper into note size pieces.


Step 5 – Once the tea has cooled, submerge each piece of paper into the cup of tea for about 3 seconds. Once the paper is completely covered, remove the paper and crumple together so that the tea sets into the creases of the paper. Repeat for all pieces of paper.


Step 6 – Unfold all pieces of paper and lay out on a flat surface to dry.

Step 7 – When completely dry, the pages will be ready to write on.



3 thoughts on “Antique Letters to Note Your 2016 Accomplishments

  1. What a refreshing and optimistic slant on our New Yearly Resolutions! May you continue to dazzle all of us…and, most importantly, yourself… in 2016!

  2. So true! It is easy to set new resolutions each year. However it is very rewarding to reflect on accomplishments that occurred throughout the previous year. Without the written reminder, they may be forgotten,

  3. I like the alternative you suggest to making new year’s resolutions. More realistic, more positive. I hope your successes outnumber your vintage papers.

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