The Fanciful Journals – October


From a very young age, while most kids might have preferred to go to the toy store, I would prefer a trip to the flea market to check out treasures from times gone by. When we would go to the beach on holiday I would go on long walks with my Dad searching the sand for seashells; and if we were lucky, artifacts from a sunken pirate ship. When I think about it now and reflect, I wonder if my obsession with the past was that I was just always an old soul at heart. It could have also been that I just really took after my parents in terms of always appreciating and enjoying the simple things – they have always taught me that and I wouldn’t have it any other way. With the journey I have embarked on with this blog however, I realize that my love for all things vintage is a combination of these things along with one other element: the stories.

While this blog includes mostly fictional stories made up from the vintage portraits I’ve worked on, over the summer I started a Weekly Vintage Finds feature to share some of my own stories of vintage treasures that I’ve collected over the years. The feature made me realize just how much I still love to collect vintage items so I’ve decided to expand on this feature by sharing more stories of my own life from a vintage standpoint. The Fanciful Journals will be released the first week of every month. While the past month has flown by, October has been a month full of memories and vintage inspiration. The experiences of my life contribute to Fanciful Impressions and I thought why not be more candid and share my stories with you!

October 3, 2015 – Flashback to 1993


Before embarking on any holiday, I have a habit of completely reorganizing and cleaning my house. While I love to collect vintage items, I also have no issues with letting go of things I no longer need and give them away so that others can get use out of my retired books, coats or fry pans. At the same time, it’s an opportunity of emotional nostalgia. I open that one closet door and find my journal from ten years ago, or old high school pictures. While I love learning about other people’s pasts in history, it’s a different story when I’m faced with my own history! Amidst my cleaning I found a treasured collection from my childhood. These delicate figurines from the sixties that were promotional items by Red Rose Tea were once my prized possessions whenever I would return from the weekend flea market with my family. I would buy them with my own money, ask the vendor which one was the most valuable and try my best to negotiate a deal. Hidden away in my closet for too long, they are now back on display in my kitchen as they always used to be.

October 10, 2015 – A Holiday for the Ages!


Now on a long overdue vacation, my trip to Ireland was educational, inspirational and felt like home. I learned about the history of Ireland’s most famous beer – Guinness. Now, while the beer itself dates back to the 1700s, the history I found most fascinating during my tour at The Guinness Storehouse of Dublin was its history of advertising campaigns. On the self-guided tour we were able to see all of their vintage ads, promotional items and slogans for this delicious beer which is so good it doesn’t even need advertising! I loved this one particular vintage campaign and I couldn’t resist picking up a souvenir to remember the trip. While the compact mirror is not vintage, the ‘Black Goes With Everything’ campaign from the seventies was very clever. The rest of my trip was filled with tours of castles and churches dating as far back as the twelfth century. It was a trip that I will remember for the rest of my life. The memories are enough of a souvenir, but I just couldn’t resist the Guinness memorabilia.

October 18, 2015 – Head-to-Toe Vintage Look


Two vacations in one month? Yep! Only three days from returning from my holiday, I traveled to Montreal, Quebec for a wedding. Still with jet lag from Ireland, I had to go shopping the night before my friend’s wedding to find a dress. While I love all things vintage, I rarely dress the part. I confess I’m a leggings and sweater type of gal. However, on my last minute shopping spree I found this great dress that is totally vintage.

I would like to say that the dress looks similar to the forties era. It was so beautiful I couldn’t resist the purchase. I showed up to the wedding dressed completely vintage for the first time in my life. Curls, eyeliner, red lipstick the whole thing.

The wedding I attended was beautiful and so personable! I love that weddings these days add such a personal touch. As a wedding favor, the bride and groom made their favorite homemade cookies for all of their guests to take home. It was heartwarming that the happy couple took time to share their favorite family recipes with loved ones on a day that was a celebration of their love. Now that’s vintage.

October 25, 2015 – Thrift Shop Bargains

After being asked to do a pioneer inspired vintage portrait, I was in search of some props that would resemble that of the settlers from North American history. After a trip to the second hand store, I managed to find exactly what I was looking for and for two dollars to boot! A wicker basket and lantern were idyllic for this look. Check back to Fanciful Impressions next Wednesday for the Pioneer’s story and portraits.