A Rustic Halloween Craft To ‘DIY’ For!

That’s right, we are only three days away! Is it me or things starting to feel a little spooky in the air?

DIY Halloween3

If you are not a lover of the scary factors associated with Halloween, then fear not! One of the things I love most about this holiday is that it takes place in the fall. The bright colors of the fall leaves twirling around the air is anything but creepy. They are simple and beautiful.

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When I was a kid, Halloween came with the chore of raking the leaves of our back yard. This task never felt like an obligation but rather a fun activity for my family. My Mother and I would rake one side of the yard while my Father and my younger Brother would rake the other side. One of the most special memories I have is that my Mother would let us first collect our favorite leaves. She would encourage us to always pick a variety of bright colors. Once they were collected she would bring them inside. As we raked the leaves of our backyard, I couldn’t help but imagine how we would use the leaves to decorate our house for Halloween!

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The ceremonial collection of the leaves was done every year. My Mother would take a giant dictionary from the bookshelf and place each leaf on a different page. Then she would close the book, flip it upside down and put three other books on top of the dictionary so that the leaves would flatten overnight. This rustic Halloween craft is one of my oldest and favorite memories of the holiday. I don’t know if it was collecting the leaves or the anticipation of decorating our house for Halloween, but raking the leaves each year was nothing like the chore it was supposed to be.

This year for Halloween I decided to relive my old memories of the fall and collect some fallen leaves to decorate with for my favorite holiday. Included below is the very same DIY project (before it was even called ‘DIY’!) that we would create every Halloween!

Rustic Halloween Leaves

Supplies Needed: Collection of leaves, textbook or cookbook, iron, ironing board, towel, wax paper

1.Go on a nature walk and collect some fallen leaves! Like my Mother taught me, I always collect an assortment of red, yellow, orange and brown leaves.

2.Bring your collection of leaves home and let dry for about an hour (if damp)

3.Using an old text book, place leaves flatly on a page in the middle of the textbook and close the book. This will help flatten your leaves. Depending on how many leaves you’ve collected, you may need a couple of books. I used one book for the leaves and a second book to place on top of the first book for extra weight. Leave the leaves in the book to flatten overnight.

DIY Halloween7

4.With your flattened leaves, break off one piece of wax paper in the shape of a large rectangle. Place the leaves on to the wax paper leaving sufficient space in between each leaf. Tear off a second piece of wax paper in the same size to place on top of the leaves.

DIY Halloween8

5.Place the wax papers holding the leaves onto the ironing board and heat the iron to a medium-low heat (depending on the type of iron). Cover the leaves and wax paper with a thin towel or cloth so that the iron doesn’t directly touch the wax paper.

6.Once your iron has pre-heated, iron the wax paper with the towel cover on both sides of the wax paper. If heat is applied correctly, the wax paper will become clear as the wax from the paper will have melted onto the leaves. Unplug the iron and leave wax paper and leaves to cool.

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(Psst! To add to my All Hallow’s Eve decor, I also made the wine bottles in this picture worn and old looking by dying the inside of the glass black – If you would also like the DIY instructions for this project – then like this blog below!)

7.Once cooled, gently remove the leaves from the wax paper by pulling off the first layer of wax paper.

8.As the leaves now have a light wax coating, the leaves will keep for your very own Halloween or Fall decorations – spooky or not!

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