Disco Halloween Inspiration

Have you picked your Halloween costume for 2015 yet? In almost every clothing store I walk into lately, I find at least a dozen pre-made costumes readily available. While I realize that Halloween is commercial, as a lover of vintage and DIY, I feel as though the pre-made costumes take the fun and creativity out of this awesome holiday! Why spend fifty dollars or more on a packaged costume when you can head on down to the thrift store and spend five dollars on the props/costume items you need to turn into your spooky, goofy or flirty alter ego for October 31st?

Some of my favorite costumes over the years have been the ones that I have re-created on my own. A few years ago I was Elphaba from Wicked and I practiced the very green makeup at least three times before the Hallowe’en party I was attending. Using green makeup, some water and flour (what?!) I was able to turn my skin green along with spooky black eye makeup and a ruby red lip. For the costume, I used an old black dress and while I did buy a witch’s hat at the dollar store, I decorated it on my own with ribbon and glitter. It was a great costume and the anticipation was great because I put in some time to recreate the look rather than simply buy a costume at the Halloween store.

If you are looking for Halloween inspiration this year, why not try recreating a vintage look from one of your favorite eras? Fall fashion this year is definitely seventies inspired, so why not go for that fun disco look? Props and an outfit will be easy to find in almost any second-hand store. Over the summer I was asked to do a disco look from the seventies and the makeup was so fun! The model wearing the look felt great in this look. She loved the color and vibrancy of the look. If you’ve seen the pictures, you will see that her confidence was definitely captured on film. She made the look come alive that eventually inspired me to write a vintage story of a woman from the seventies that found running and fitness to be her source of freedom.


Makeup from this era was bright and flashy. If worn today some of the color palettes used from this period may look tacky, but the colors are great for a dramatic look. When completing the look I found a vintage pendant of turquoise and gold and decided to do the eye makeup based on the gold and turquoise colors. Using a bright blue, turquoise and yellow palette, the colors really popped and came out well on a digital camera. For the blush I used a light pink shimmery blush and a hot pink lipstick for the lips. For the hair I made voluminous curls through teasing the hair and using a small and medium sized curling iron. I also found a great vintage inspired scarf that was way at the back of my closet which we used as a head-wrap in a few of the pics. To see the completed look and other inspiration by era, check out some other eras I’ve recreated over the past year for vintage Halloween inspiration.