Vintage Halloween Countdown


My favorite time of year is just around the corner. There is just something about the fall months that make me feel alive. I don’t know if it’s the changing colors of the leaves or the crisp air, but Halloween has always been my favorite ‘holiday’.

I ended my third and final attempt at Petit Fours a few weeks ago. I apologize that I am only posting the results now. While the fall weather is breathtaking, it is always a very busy time of year for everyone. The final result of this recipe was not the outcome I had pictured in my mind when I set out to do this vintage inspired project; however, I was impressed with the final product and man were they ever delicious!


In my last attempt at these renaissance inspired desserts, I was able to bring both the cake batter and the cake frosting to a level I was happy with. The cake was dense and easy to work with. The frosting was much easier to apply as I had made the cakes round as opposed to square. What I struggled with in ‘take 2’ was the ganache. The chocolate mixture was too thick and it made the cakes far too rich.

In my final attempt, I learned that the secret to a successful ganache layer is less chocolate and more cream. I found this great YouTube tutorial that helped me achieve the desired effect. The very talented cake decorator, Liz Larson (link attached) has some great tutorials. I could not give you the exact measurements I ended up using; you really just need to play with the proportions. Basically, you want your final product to be able to drizzle off the mixing spoon as opposed to falling off in clumps.

Regardless of the final outcome being much less than perfect, it was still a great experience. I feel as though my baking skills have much improved and I have an increased knowledge of proportions and measurements when it comes to baking ingredients. The learning outcomes from this project were what I wanted to achieve so that I can continue to bake (vegan) vintage inspired treats as we approach the holiday season!


When I put the cakes on display on my vintage cake stand, I couldn’t help but picture the desserts on display at a Renaissance Masquerade. If I could have a themed Halloween party, this would definitely be at the top of my list. As we count down to All Hallow’s Eve, I’ll do my best to share some vintage Halloween inspiration, including  some DIY Halloween costume inspiration.

What have been your favorite Halloween costumes over the years?


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  1. Can’t think about my favorite….but my most embarrassing was definitely “Mr. Pinky”, when my mother dressed me up as an old Steinberg’s Pinky Stamp at eight years old…talk about ‘Vintage’!

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