Rustic Storage Tins – How-To

I have to say that the rustic charm of my latest DIY project is definitely a nice touch to my cooking space! My vintage storage tins have come in quite handy to store spices and other miscellaneous items that always seem to clutter the kitchen. I’ve included the steps below for you to make your own DIY rustic storage containers:

DIY Rustic Storage Tins3

Supplies Needed: Recycled tin containers, wax candle, craft paint (2 neutral colours), 2 craft paint brushes (1 small / 1 medium), old/cheap lace fabric, spray craft varnish


  1. Find something you can recycle as a miniature storage container. Your storage containers don’t need to be identical to the tins in the pictures. You can use plenty of recycled items for storage. For example: tin cans, tin cookie containers etc.
  2. Using a wax candle, rub the wax candle gently but unevenly over the surface of your storage container. The wax will give the paint coat a rustic vintage vibe.
  3. Using a medium size craft paint brush and some white or off white craft paint, paint the surfaces of the container. Leave overnight to dry. Note: If the next day you want to add a second coat of paint – go right ahead, just leave it for a few hours again to dry completely.
  4. Find some old and/or cheap lace! I ended up using some left over lace from a table lining I bought at the dollar store for two dollars. That one table liner has lasted for not 1, but 4 different craft projects! Not bad for two bucks!
  5. With found lace, a fine craft paint brush and a darker paint color (I used silver), use the lace as a stencil to paint your very own rustic and imperfect patterned design. Leave over night to dry. Once dry, remove lace.
  6. With spray varnish, spray the surface of containers (do not do this indoors) to give a glossy professional finish.

DIY Rustic Storage Tins