A Makeup Tutorial to End the summer – 1960s Inspired

1960s Look3 3

Over the summer months I managed to complete three summer looks to go with the DIY seashell headband. Ideal for the beach or a summer event, this hippy accessory has been great to reinvent the looks of the sixties.

In the three looks I managed to imitate, I was able to capture the different makeup trends of the era based on the type of event suitable for the accessory and look. For the first look, I did a mod makeup eye with shades of purple and a side pony tail of textured braided hair. This look is great for a night out on the town for when you want to stand out and incorporate the bright colors of the sunset.

The second look which involves a DIY hair product recipe is all about embracing one’s natural beauty. This recipe is great to have on hand after a day at the beach for when you want to keep those natural hippy hair waves. It’s also great for a hot day when you just don’t wanna deal with putting time into stylin’ all that hair. The makeup for this look is simple: mascara, a little bronzer, blush and some lip gloss.

Now for look three – I save the best for last. My favorite sixties look is what I call the Brigitte Bardot look. It includes voluminous teased and curled hair, black eyeliner and a nude lipstick. This look is great; simple, but eye catching. As summer comes to a close, I thought this final look would be great for Halloween inspiration for anyone out there who wants to go for a retro costume! The steps below will teach you how to achieve the lipstick for this vintage look using everyday makeup products.

1960s Look3

1960s Inspired Lipstick Using Every Day Makeup Products

1960s Look3 2

  1. Using a brown eyeliner, apply carefully around the outline of lips
    1. We applied a Maybelline Kohl Liner in Chocolate Chip
  2. Lightly Blend the brown eyeliner using a scent free lip balm
    1. We applied a Body Shop lip balm
  3. With a fine lip stick brush, blend the lightest lipstick you own with more scent free lip balm
    1. We applied a Body Shop Colour Crush lipstick using a fine lipstick brush
  4. Finally, using a nude or cream colored matte eye shadow, dab the shadow onto the lip to achieve the nude and matted look
    1. We applied Revlon Colorstay Shadow in Bone
  5. Voila!