DIY Vintage Storage Tins

DIY Rustic Storage Tins

I’ve driven this point home before, but for me, vintage equals simplicity. I have always been a dramatic and anxious person for as long as I can remember and I’ve definitely gone through my share of learning experiences of how to cope with life’s stressors. When I was younger, I think I enjoyed chasing the drama, as though feeling constantly unsettled was normal. As I’ve grown up and hopefully matured, I’ve learned that there is nothing better in life than living drama and worry free. Bills paid on time, no games, you get the picture. The best part? My interest in all things vintage has served as my outlet to both express and be myself. My dramatic character is free to create in a positive way and my anxious mind is calm. This blog is both my hobby and my therapy and I love every part of it.

Aside from the improved outlook on life’s challenges, my love for vintage creativity has also made my life much more organized. We will never admit it when it’s time to organize the fridge or go through the closet, but being organized does make life easier. Over the past few months I’ve invested more time in projects to make life less complicated and I’ve achieved them successfully by adding a little vintage inspiration into the mix. A while back I shared with you how I had created my kitchen to be a cooking space of basics. My vintage-inspired DIY chalk boards allow me to stay organized in the kitchen through writing grocery lists or weekly meal plans.

Vintage Chalk Board2

More recently, I’ve created some rustic storage tins for my kitchen to store spices and other cooking odds and ends. I used to have spices scattered throughout my kitchen: a bag of cinnamon on one shelf, some thyme atop the stove, cumin in the pantry.

DIY Rustic Storage Tins2

It sounds silly, but it’s these little things in life that can make all the difference. Have you ever come home after a long day and just needed that one ingredient for a meal you are rushing to prepare and end up having to turn your kitchen upside down? That can make me crazy. Thanks to this little project, I now have my cooking spices organized and stored, ready to add some flavor to life!

Feel like adding a little vintage simplicity to your kitchen? Let me know how you find ways to help keep life stress free.