Remembering the Old & Embracing the New: Vintage Finds & Friendship


The other day I was reunited with an old friend. While we hadn’t seen each other in years, there had always been a mutual effort to stay connected and keep the other in mind. To my surprise, my old friend recently reached out to let me know that she had relocated close by. A few weeks later I finally got back to her and we discussed getting together for a catch up.

We both traveled a good distance to meet up for the day. As I got off the train onto the platform, I’ll admit I was nervous. There are times when we keep in contact with old friends simply due to the history that has been shared. But time passes and there’s that realization that you no longer have much to talk about, other than the times of your past. As I stood there on the hot cement, I couldn’t help but worry if that would be the case for this rekindled friendship. But then there she was; same smile, same energy and though years had gone by it was as though we hadn’t skipped a beat.

After some coffee and a much needed catch up chat, we decided to do a little shoppin’. Over our catch up I realized that we did still have a lot in common: sense of humour, values and interests. On top of discovered common ground years later, it was was also heartwarming to share the nostalgia of our past. In our younger years we had seen each other through a lot; but at the same time, we had some of the funniest, craziest and happiest memories together. As we walked through a nearby shopping mall, it kinda felt like we went back in time. The stores in this mall were dare I say it – vintage! Store names I hadn’t seen or shopped in in years dating back to when our friendship began. I walked through this mall that looked as though it hadn’t changed a bit since the late nineties. I was with a friend whose acquaintance I had made at the beginning of our adult lives and hadn’t seen in ages, it was really incredible. It was as if no time had passed and yet at the same time we had reconnected as two mature adults.

As I ventured back home I couldn’t help but reflect on the day. Sometimes remembering the past and all the mistakes you make as a young adult can be painful and embarrassing. The easy route is to forget. However, it’s incredibly therapeutic to be faced with memories or people from your past and realize that it’s your past that took you to where you are now. I prefer the latter. It was a great day of reflection. Above all, there is nothing better than reconnecting with someone who knew you from years gone by and who takes an interest in getting to know who you are now.

During my commute I stopped in a home decor store and found this beautiful vintage looking cake stand. Motivated for my second attempt at petit fours, I was feeling very much inspired. Past, present and future all in one weekend – full circle.



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  1. Love this story, nostalgic & shows the strong bond between friends where you can pick up with each other after many years & not skip a beat!!!

    P.S. The cake plate is beautiful!!

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