Thank You Anne Shirley

Anne of Green Gables

It has been over three weeks since Fanciful Impressions has posted anything, and for that I apologize. Unfortunately I have sunken into this pattern before where upon I get too consumed by other responsibilities in life that always seem to appear as though that they are of the utmost importance. While our obligations in life are important they should never take away from the things you love – the simple joys in life that don’t feel like just another requirement. This is what Fanciful Impressions has always been to me. A place to step away from the to-do lists that swirl around my mind, to forget about the work day and to just embrace the hobbies I love.

When this pattern starts to emerge, I give up too much of my personal time to life’s obligations. I catch myself worrying about this and that and while it’s important to acknowledge it, what’s even more important is the ability to turn it off. This is much easier said than done. In the past couple of weeks, I tried to turn off what I call the over-analytic switch. I call it that because I do think it’s essential to have a strong handle on your responsibilities but after a certain point, if you dwell on those things too long, it just becomes noise. This attempt was a failure. I poured myself a cold cup of iced tea, and put on one of my favorite films; Anne of Green Gables. Originally written by L. M. Montgomery, the film which stars Megan Follows and the late Jonathan Crombie beautifully depicts the life of Anne Shirley.

When I was a kid, grape juice for me was always raspberry cordial. It was to be sipped elegantly and whatever snack that went with my imaginary beverage, was always fruit cake. I first saw this film when I was about five and I knew Anne’s story line for line. “I think I’ve been rendered unconscious”  I would quote as I would dramatically fall off the make believe ridge pole that was in reality the wooden floor boards of our living room. Growing up, her story was always in the back of my head and I saw myself in her character.

When I recently watched the film, I realized that I did adopt many of her traits. By the end of the movie, I knew that I had to get back to my hobbies and quickly grabbed my notebook to start writing a Vintage Film Edition about Anne’s character. But the words didn’t come. The next day I tried to do a vintage makeup look and I screwed up miserably. The following day I tried to make a vintage French recipe and it was a disaster. I realized that despite my best efforts, I was still unable to turn off the switch.

When this happens, the only person you end up hurting and disappointing is yourself. You come to the realization that you let the priorities which in the grand scheme of things aren’t that big a deal take over. Even Anne Shirley herself was a victim to this. Her ambition sometimes took precedence for the things that truly mattered. Just the other day I was immensely frustrated. The aggravation was written all over my face, and if anyone missed that then they certainly would have heard my much too vocal thoughts on the matter. Much like Anne Shirley, who often had to bite her tongue, I too have the same weakness. I commuted home with a big frown until I stepped off the bus. There was a wave of cool air as I walked outside and the fresh air immediately calmed me. I stood there watching the sunset, like Anne when she would return home to Green Gables. I realized that enough was enough; time to turn off the over analytic switch. I got home, grabbed a pen and a fresh piece of paper and the words poured onto the page.IMG_2211