Vintage Wardrobe: 1960s Purse

1960s Purse

Sixties Beaded Purse with Fringe

My wardrobe has been on repeat for the past few years. I have limited myself to purchasing outfits for two types of occasions: for going to work or for watching TV. My morning routines have consisted of lounging around in my pajamas, counting down the minutes until I finally have to get ready. When it was time to go to work, I would throw on one of the five ‘work outfits’ in rotation. My commutes to work were a crowd of black blazers, white blouses or blue trousers. While I’m not all that trendy, I used to think I did have a unique sense of style, but I realized recently that my wardrobe didn’t reflect my personality. When I would return home from work, I would face a big decision: grey sweatpants, or grey sweatpants.

I’m having a little chuckle to myself as I’m writing this because I’m making the daily routine of my life sound so dull. But the truth is, up until recently, my routine was boring. I know that in the big picture, what we wear is superficial. Clothing and fashion are materialistic and it’s important that we not let such things define us. And yet, while we are conscious of the fact to not let clothing brands define us, we have no issue in letting some of the other superficial obligations in life take over.

If you’ve read my previous posts, I have been guilty of letting the pressures of life define me. Things that brought me more frustration than joy consumed me and while I won’t mention specific examples, I’m sure that it’s something we are all guilty of. Wrapped up in life’s obligations we tend to put those responsibilities at the top of our list and forget to make time for the things that are not a task, but something that we love to do but no longer have time for.

The various components of my life that I let take over were visible to others on all levels. Whether it was my clothes, my inability to loosen up or the stress that was written all over my face only further demonstrated that I was unable to enjoy living in the moment. This strain prevented me from expressing my true self. What I find so interesting is that as soon as I started to pursue my dream of doing vintage makeup, fiction and crafts, the tension disappeared. Learning about the past interestingly made me live more in the moment and put the things I love higher up on my list of priorities. This ‘wake-up call’ if you will has changed the way I express myself both superficially and genuinely.

On the surface, my wardrobe has transformed. It’s bright and unique! I can prove it. Over the next few weeks I would like to share with you some of my weekly vintage wardrobe finds. Whether it’s defining yourself as a nail polish connoisseur or a researcher of astronomy, labels are in the eye of the beholder. It’s time for us to define ourselves through what we love and make our lives colorful again.