DIY Vintage Chalk Board

Vintage Chalk Board

I miss the tradition of writing things down. There doesn’t seem like much of a point with the convenience of digital technology to input everything from schedules to grocery lists. I love my smart phone, my tablet, my laptop – but none of them compare to my paper notebook. I have always been one to write to-do lists on paper, to plan out my week on paper and to most of all, write my thoughts and feelings on paper. For me, when it comes down to it, the difference between paper and digital technology is this: when it’s paper I am in control. I have a choice as to what is put on the page. When it’s any of the devices listed above, it becomes an obligation as so much of it is beyond our control. We must accept invitations to meetings, set up reminders for ourselves to stick to our gym schedule, answer emails as fast as possible. The whole thing is a constant push to stay on top of it; to be on top of it. I start my day with a coffee and my notebook. I can write anything. Whether it’s an inspiring quote or an idea, for a brief moment time stops and things are quiet.

I’d like to say that I live in a home free of technology, but from my list of gadgets, you know and I know that that’s not true. It’s difficult for me to keep focus on one gadget without clinging to another. Watching TV while Pinning on my iPhone is a perfect example. However, despite this dependence that we all have, I do try to make an effort to be aware of the benefits of simplicity. One household area we keep pretty traditional is our kitchen. If we could, we would operate solely with a wood stove. We have no microwave, no toaster, no paper towel, no plastic. We never made a conscious decision to keep things basic in the kitchen. But, much like the page, cooking in my family has always been an opportunity to simply take the time. Without the noise of timers and alarms, I can enjoy the whole experience of preparing a meal. I have control with the use of my senses as opposed to timers alerting me when food is ready.

To add to the ease of my culinary practices, I made some vintage menu boards to decorate the kitchen. With this chalkboard, my husband and I can take the time to write something meaningful to each other, without the speed of text or email. We can surprise each other with what’s on the menu for dinner. Much like writing or cooking, it’s just another way to enjoy our time and balance out those tiresome obligations.

DIY Vintage Chalk Board

Supplies Needed: Picture Frame (I used 8.5 x 10), craft paint, chalk board paper, chalk (I bought a chalk pen at a craft store), paint brush, scissors

  1. Gather all of your supplies on a protected surface
  2. With the picture frame, remove the frame’s photo, backing and glass covering
  3. With your paint brush and paint, paint the picture frame using a matte paint. Don’t worry about having perfectly even coats of paint, having uneven brush strokes will give the frame a vintage look once it has dried. I did two coats of paint. Each coat should have about one hour to dry.
  4. With the glass covering, apply chalkboard paper. Apply the adhesive side of the chalkboard paper plush against the glass. Use the edge of a book or ruler to flatten any air bubbles. Once applied, cut off any remaining pieces of chalk board paper.
  5. Once the frame is dry, place the chalkboard glass and frame backing back into the picture frame. Depending on the type of frame, you can either leave the frame standing up on your kitchen counter or hang the frame on the wall.
  6. Last but not least, write away!

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