Bohemian Paradise – Part 3


Over the past couple of weeks I have spent my evenings relaxing on my ever so comfy Vintage-Inspired Pallet Bench out on my apartment balcony. Well it’s not really a balcony anymore. I used to consider my apartment balcony an extra storage space, but I have transformed it into what I have been calling my Bohemian Paradise. Whether it’s been sitting at my DIY Bistro Table playing cards with my husband, or having friends over for cocktails, this redefined space has allowed me to enjoy the outdoor breeze right in my own home.

I have recently added the final touches to my ‘urban oasis’ (that’s a direct quote from one of my readers!). If you are interested or in the midst of creating your own backyard/balcony haven, I’ve included a summary of the final accessories used as accent pieces for the space.

Boho 3

Lighting: The vintage lanterns were bought at a home decor store. When I saw them at Home Sense on sale, I couldn’t resist and they really add a soft lighting on those summer nights.  The candles I bought at Pottery Barn. It is so difficult to find traditional table top candles nowadays. The look I was going for was from a popular trend in the sixties and seventies, where restaurants would use empty wine bottles as candle holders. I loved the concept because I could place the wine bottles on the concrete floor of the balcony and the light from the candles would still have some height. If it’s too windy, I’m careful not to let them burn too long and keep them away from any materials that may catch fire.


Garden: I have a terrible green thumb but decided to try out some gardening after all. Using some re-purposed mason jars and an old basket; I bought some earth and garden seeds at a local store and planted some flowers. In just a few weeks they started to grow and now some of them have bloomed. I’m not sure how long I will be able to keep them going, but I like to think that my luck with flowers and plants is improving.


So there you have it, a backyard seating area that was created out of recycled furniture and new accessories. Each item was inspired from different periods in history. The DIY Bistro Table models floral patterns of the Victorian Era. The candle sticks were taken from trends of the sixties and the lanterns from the turn of the century, an era of electricity. I hope that my readers have enjoyed reading about this process as much as I have enjoyed sharing each step.


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