A Hippy-Inspired Hair Style

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There is something undeniably liberating about the once popular 1960s hippy look. The no-fuss long hair that was both tangled and unwashed is what gave the trend such a statement. The look was also arguably the original movement of ‘no makeup’! The fresh sun kissed complexion is what made this vintage look such a natural and refreshing style. North American women of the sixties who wished to break away from conventional female roles within society embraced the hippy culture by living independently but also by speaking up for equality and freedom. Though the sixties was a time of social and political upheaval it was also a pivotal point in the fashion history as both women and men could adopt multiple looks and trends throughout the decade. The hippy look was just one of the most remembered trends of this period.

In my Mod Makeup How-To entry, I had created a mod-inspired eye makeup look for the summer. After experimenting with mod makeup trends, I decided to create a second look from this inspiring decade. The look below is a simple and easy how-to for recreating the natural ‘do of the average sixties hippy. During breakfast one morning, I decided to experiment with both cooking and hair products to create a summer beach look. I wanted to find a way for my hair to hold its natural waves throughout the entire day. I initially applied hair gel, however the product made my hair look crunchy and curled. It was not the natural 1960s beach look I was aiming for. Using the following ingredients, I was able to capture the perfect hippy-inspired hairdo which made me appear as though I had not only been California dreamin’ – but California livin’!

Hippy 1

Ingredients: 2 TB Hair Gel, 1 Tsp Sea Salt, 1 TB Coconut Oil

After mixing all of the above ingredients together in a glass, I decided to try out the product on my hair. The steps below will give your hair a lasting natural look. The coconut oil will leave your hair appearing damp throughout the day as though you have been at the beach all day long (our little secret!). If you want to add a vintage accessory to the look add your very own DIY Seashell Headband.

Styling Instructions:

  1. Make sure to apply the mixed ingredients to naturally dried hair
  2. Using your hands, apply the mixture evenly throughout hair
  3. Part hair straight down the middle to replicate an authentic hippy look
  4. Texturize hair by scrunching bunches of hair at a time and applying heat through the use of a blow dryer

Note: If your hair is naturally straight, I recommend adding texture by twisting strands of hair together with some extra hair gel


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