Bohemian Paradise – Part 2


After finishing my decoupage bistro table and freeing my balcony of clutter, I started to see my haven of relaxation beginning to take shape. Once all of the junk was cleared, I couldn’t believe how much space there was. I realized that I could easily create a second seating area for my new and improved balcony.

Last summer I was obsessed with furniture and home accessories created out of re-purposed pallets. At the time though, I was convinced that such a project would be too time-consuming. I ended up leaving my balcony in disarray.  This summer I still had the same project in mind, the only difference was that I was finally going to make it happen. I started this project determined to get rid of the clutter that has taken up too much space in my life to create a new space that offers relaxation and reflection. Who knew that creating such a space would involve scavenging the neighborhood in search of other people’s discarded clutter?! I called grocery stores and hardware stores in search of a recycled pallet that I could use. Then out of nowhere on a beautiful sunny day, there they were, leaned up against the recycling bin of a neighborhood shop. After asking the store owner if I could buy one, she kindly gave me not one, but two pallets for free!

The difficult part was getting them home. They weigh about forty pounds each. Once I got them onto the balcony, I started planning my design. I would need to sand them and seal them before even thinking about decorating them with cushions. The whole project took about two weeks to complete but it was worth it. Even though it’s a very small accomplishment in the grand scheme of things, nothing feels better than creating something that’s not only just for you but that is unique to you. Sitting on my completed pallet bench, writing this entry by candlelight, twinkly lights and a hot cup of peppermint tea is perfection.

So I guess you are probably wondering how much this whole project cost. I’ll be honest, it was not cheap. Discounting labor the whole thing cost about $150.00. But, with the space now having both a bench and a bistro table, the balcony seats five people quite comfortably. I’ve included the steps below to make your own vintage inspired pallet bench:

DIY Vintage Inspired Pallet Bench

Supplies Needed Recycled Pallet(s), Safety Gloves, Sand Paper, Sealant, Cushions, Throw Pillows, Paint Brush

Pallets I wouldn’t recommend purchasing pallets brand new. For one, they are expensive to buy and two, having second-hand ones adds character to the finished product. You can do this project with only one pallet, but I ended up using two with one stacked on top of the other. Two pallets will add height to the seating area.


Sand Pallets aren’t made out of the best wood so sanding them will not create a smooth surface whatsoever. The point of sanding each surface is to clear away any accumulated dirt on the surface of each pallet and to avoid the risk of any future splinters. I purchased sand paper and a pair of safety gloves at the dollar store, it cost $2.00.

Seal To resist water damage, it’s important to seal each pallet with a sealant to prevent rain from seeping into the wood. I purchased a sealant at a local hardware store for $20.00 and paint brushes at the dollar store ($3.00). I sealed each pallet with two coats of the sealant.

Note: I recommend enjoying a nice cold beer and listening to some vintage tunes when working on this project ;)


Cover Once the sealant is dry it’s time for the best part – decorating! My initial idea was to cover the entire pallet with a giant custom-made foam cushion and a couple of throw pillows. However, once I researched the cost of a custom-made cushion I quickly had to rethink my vision for the project. The estimated cost for something custom-made was close to $400.00 – no thanks. Luckily, I found some great patio furniture coverings available at a local department store. They were $50.00 each, but it was still cheaper than ordering a custom-made cushion. The cushions fit perfectly to the pallet design. They offered a supported backing to the bench and room to rest your feet at the edge of the bench.

Throw Pillows The last piece of the project were the throw pillows. They were also purchased brand new and made out of water-resistant material. I was able to buy them on sale, for $25.00 altogether.


I will soon be posting the last steps of my bohemian paradise. What’s your favorite place to relax?


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  1. Very Clever, looks awesome…… In the summer I love to relax outside on my deck in my Adirondack chair, which I painted in a colour called Cherry Blossom (kind of a purple/pink).

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