Mod Makeup How-To

Look One

Now that summer is here, I thought I’d finally try out one of my first vintage DIY projects. From a trip to the beach, my collection of seashells from sunset strolls along the shore inspired me to create a 1960s headband. Lately I have been working on different ways to wear this accessory and have come up with 3 different vintage looks that can be worn with the headband today.


This first look was inspired from the look created in one of my recent blog posts; the mod look of the sixties. Before we get to this look, I wanted to share the different looks of this revolutionary era. There was the mod look, inspired by Twiggy, a super model of the time. Mod makeup was all about high contrast with the eyes, which were composed of black and white shadows and liners. Then there was the hippy look which was increasingly popular towards the late sixties. Long, wavy and usually greasy hair was the fad for this look along with a natural/no makeup face. Lastly, there was the bombshell look inspired by the many sexual icons of the era such as Brigitte Bardot or the Bond girls from the famous James Bond films. This look was comprised of either a loosely teased pony tail, bouffant or long voluminous curls. Makeup for this look was sultry, with heavy eye liner, contouring blushes and powders and full pink lips. So inspiring am I right? There were so many looks of this period and yet all of these past trends are still prevalent in modern makeup and hair styles of today.

The first look I created to go with the swingin’ sixties headband was a modern mod look. Using a palette composed of mauves and violets, this mod-inspired look can be worn today as the contrast is not as severe as the more traditional black and white palette. The key for this look is imperfection – starting with the hair. For the hair, I went with a loose side ponytail. Before scooping the hair into a pony tail I decided to add texture to the hair by using two different curling irons. The first curling iron gave the hair big curls while the second curling iron gave tighter, tangled curls. Idyllic for a beach look. For the hair I also added an accent fish tail braid for the pony tail and a loose side French braid to hide the bangs. Once the hair was voluminous and full of texture it was pulled back into a side pony tail with a defined part on the opposite side of the pony tail.

On to makeup! I went for a violet eye palette. These colors are great for summer and the contrast is much less intense. I’ve included the instructions below on how to create your own mod-inspired eye makeup using a purple palette:

Modern Day Mod Makeup How-To

Look Instructions

  1. After you have applied your go-to concealer and have shaped your brows, start by covering the inner corner of the eyelid with white eyeliner. Blend the eyeliner in with a standard eye brush.
  2. Using the same eye brush, use a pale mauve shadow to cover the entire eyelid. I used Lavender Love by The Body Shop.
  3. Using a damp angle brush, use a shadow that still falls within the palette but is a couple of shades darker than your base shadow. With the angle brush, line the shadow along the lid.
  4. Using a damp sponge brush, apply a darker shade of eye shadow along the crease of your eye. It’s important to really blend in this last layer so that it appears natural as opposed to a defined line. To help blend in the shadow, use the original eye brush used for the base shadow.
  5. After completing the lid, apply a natural nude shadow on the lid below your eye brow to highlight the shadows of your eye.
  6. Before applying mascara, apply white eyeliner to the lower lid. This will make the purple really pop.
  7. Apply black mascara to your upper and lower lashes – Voila! Look Complete.


I should note that I used only matte shadows for this look. Matte makeup will look much better in photographs as opposed to shadows or powders that have a shimmer. If you are doing this look for photographs I would recommend using only matte shadows. If it’s for a party or a day at the beach and you want to add a little sparkle then shimmer is the way to go. What’s important is that you create a look that’s all your own and defines you. This is my first vintage makeup tutorial so I hope that you find it useful. What do you think?