Bohemian Paradise – Part 1

Following one of my recent blogs on making my apartment balcony a bohemian retreat, I’ve included the instructions below on how to make your own decoupage table. Whether for an outdoor bistro table, coffee table or other miscellaneous surface, this project can add your own style to your living space.

Supplies Needed:

Surface Area I used an old bistro table I got for free!

Decoupage Cut-Outs This is the part where you get to create a reflection of your style and tastes. There are lots of ideas you can use for this project. Some designs can include newspaper or magazine pieces, pages from an old book or even photographs.

For my bistro table, I decided to go with floral images. I went with this option because I have a terrible green thumb and wanted to have a low maintenance garden for my balcony. On a vintage note, floral patterns were highly popular in the 1850s. From tea cups and fabrics to even wall paper, florals were a popular item at this time.

Craft Supplies Last but not least, just some general craft supply items to complete your decoupage; Modge Podge, paint brush, scissors, sand paper and/or cloth and varnish.

Step 1: Start with cutting out your materials for your decoupage. For my table, I ended up purchasing a garden magazine for my floral design. One magazine gave me more than enough materials to work with, but it really depends on the size of the surface. Once you have all of your cut-outs, arrange them all by size.


Step 2: Before you start the decoupage process, you will want to make sure the surface you are working with is free of dust and any uneven or sharp edges. Depending on the piece of furniture you might need some sand paper to smooth the surface or a damp cloth to clear away dust or accumulated dirt.

Step 3: Once your surface area is ready, you can start the decoupage process. Taking the pile of the largest cut-outs you can start gluing them onto the surface area from the outside perimeter. Once this first layer is complete, leave the surface area to dry.


Step 4: Repeat the above process with the next largest cut-outs. Every time a layer has been added, make sure to leave the surface area so that the layers can properly dry. Once the entire surface is covered, you will want to take your smallest cut-out pieces to cover any areas that are not yet covered or to layer your design. Leave the finished product to dry for 24 hours.


Step 5: After your table is complete it’s time to varnish the surface area so that your beautiful piece of furniture will be protected. I used a spray varnish (available at any hard ware store). Make sure to do two coats of varnish and if you use a spray varnish, make sure to only use the product outside of the house.

That’s it! It really is just five easy steps. The important thing about this project is patience. Though it’s an easy DIY craft it takes lots of time, but I guarantee it’s worth it!


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  1. That looks amazing! This is the first time I’ve ever heard of a decoupage table. I’ll keep this blog post in mind when I come across a nice table to DIY. Thanks for sharing :)

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