The One I Can’t Forget

She was outta sight. I sat there, chugging my beer and would just take her in. The music, the lights, the women – so much stimulus and yet all I could focus on was her.

The first time I saw her she strolled into the Go-Go with her girlfriends like they owned the place. Truth is they did, they all did. They were the reason we were there. But boy she was just incredible, and I lost my chance with her that very first night I saw her. They were all there to give their numbers to the first guy to look at them, but she just looked right through you.

She walked up to the bar, right next to me. Her friend was cute too, bubbly and sweet, she ordered herself a gimlet. The two of them just didn’t match up. The one I had my eyes on didn’t play games, straight whisky was her drink. She didn’t wait for me to look at her. She stared at me, waiting for her drink while her pal danced back to the rest of the pack. I inched closer and whispered ‘you don’t mess around, do you?’. She let out a laugh that drew me further into her charms but also humiliated me. Saying nothing, she walked back to her group.

Since then my nights at the Go-Go have taunted me. When she’s there I become a crazed, hung up creep. I just keep staring and she knows it. An aspiring poet, I justify my behavior as creative – trying to figure her out. Sometimes I catch her looking back, smirking while my former frat mate is talking my ear off. Tonight though is my closure. Lisa, a beautiful brunette is paying attention to me and she has held my gaze. Just as I offer to buy Lisa a drink, both my nemesis and my heroine approach us. For a second, I think she is there for me. To give me a flirty apology for that first night. Intentionally brushing past me she focuses on Lisa, casting her spell. She whispers to Lisa loud enough for me to hear “you don’t mess around, do you?” and buys her a drink. That night I went home with them both, but she is the one I can’t forget.


To say the sixties were a time of change would be an understatement. Every social norm, political landscape and economic trend was questioned, particularly by young adults of the time. The generation was more educated than in previous decades and they not only questioned society’s long standing values but they were driven to change them, through protest and revolution. There were so many issues addressed during this era and though I would love to discuss them all at great length, for this particular story, I will focus on women’s new found liberty within the Western world.

The sixties brought about a sexual revolution, that is, sex was more accepted outside marital relations. Not to say that everyone accepted this liberal view, the revolution caused a heightened conflict between the sixties generation and those of previous decades. There was a constant tug-of-war for the long-standing social norms of former generations versus the enlightened movement that looked forward.

The acceptance of the birth control pill in the United States worked as a catalyst towards this sexual revolution. The prescription drug enabled women to harness more control over their bodies and their lives. Women could not just want, but have a career. In the past, the likelihood of women returning to work after marriage or pregnancy was minimal. The public’s increased acceptance of the pill also changed social norms with regards to having sex before marriage. With no risk of unplanned pregnancy, this choice became more common.

For this look, I based our heroine’s makeup on the popular mod look of the 1960s. Similar to the eye makeup of the 1920s (coincidentally another era of sexual liberation), the entire look was designed to emphasize the eyes alone. The rest of the look was typically made up of a pale palette, composed of fair matted powders, pastel blush and an almost flesh-toned lip. Though the look reflects that of helplessness, ironically young women of the era were challenging the feelings of boredom that were long accepted by the previous generation.

Though the sixties were a time of change for women, I wanted this story to reflect how men of the sixties reacted to this important era in history. With an increased sense of individualism in society’s culture and a more equal balance of women with a post-secondary education and work force ambition, it could be argued that men of this generation felt a sense of competition towards women. Formerly the breadwinners of society, the era also questioned cultural masculine roles. Our narrator vocalizes that tension against the woman who though finally engages him in a sexual escapade, leaves him the next day wondering why it was just that and nothing more. More in control of their destiny than ever before – women of the sixties could choose who and what they wanted. Causing both shock and awe in the process.