Fanciful Impressions Gallery


I wanted to take the opportunity to invite all of the readers out there to check out the Fanciful Impressions Gallery! The gallery includes all looks created so far, from the Edwardian Era to the Swingin’ Sixties!

The latest pictures are based on mod-inspired looks of the nineteen sixties.  The mod look was known for using lots of contrast. Aside from heavy facial powders similar to the fifties, popular shadows included black, white and navy blue so that eyes would really pop. For this look, instead of using a black and white palette, I used a very pale green and matte navy blue for the eye. Stay tuned for a groovy story to match the look of this era!

Though I have never posted a makeup tutorial before on this blog – I would be happy to do so if there is a demand. Please feel free to comment or like this post if you are interested in having a makeup tutorial for this look or other vintage looks!


2 thoughts on “Fanciful Impressions Gallery

  1. I loved the soft look of La Belle Epoque…please post the make tutorial for that look. Thank you.

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