A Little Disco & Love: DIY Greeting Cards

DIY Greeting Cards

When we check the post today, there is no suspense, no element of surprise. Of course there are the never ending bills which we always dread, the mountain of flyers or the post-card shaped ad from the neighborhood’s newest real estate agent. On occasion, we receive our latest order from Amazon or a wedding invitation – but we already know they are on the way. Why? Because we found out about our cousin’s engagement announcement on social media weeks ago and when we ordered that book on Amazon we selected the item to be shipped express.

I’m not trying to put down the incredible technological advances that have been achieved over the last 25 years. It’s amazing that we can send a message, photo or video instantly. But with that instantaneousness there is noise. We are informed immediately when someone sends us a text or email and it is so frequent that the element of appreciation and emotion is lost. Not only that, but the noise creates unnecessary stress. Have you ever sent a text and you saw that the recipient read the message three hours ago but still hasn’t responded? The absence of noise triggers worry.

When thinking back to the good ol’ days, I think of Elinor and Marianne, two of my favorite characters written by Jane Austen. The level of excitement and emotion felt when they would receive a letter by mail. Like a ritual, they would read their correspondence by candlelight and respond to their letters with pages and pages of such expressive language that we have long lost. With no noise, except their own thoughts.

Call me a romantic, but that sounds wonderful. One of my resolutions this year has been to make homemade Birthday cards for friends and family and send them out by mail. A couple of weeks ago, for a friend’s Birthday, I made a simple homemade seventies inspired greeting card, complete with a disco ball and a fun lyric from a classic song from the era. Check out the how-to below and instead of saying ‘Happy B-Day!’ on your friend’s wall for their Birthday this year – send them a homemade card and bring back that element of surprise – noise free!

Supplies Needed:

  • Construction or greeting card paper
  • Glitter
  • Glue
  • Craft jewels
  • Pen or marker

Create Your Design

  1. To make the disco ball, I found a circle shaped object from around the house (I used a tea light candle) to trace a circle with a pen.
  2. Once traced, draw horizontal and vertical lines in pen so that the shape resembles a checkered circle.

Sparkle Your Design

  1. Using the glue and glitter, glue alternating squares within the circle and cover with glitter, then tilt card so that excess glitter falls off (make sure to cover work area with newspaper).
  2. Glue the jewels on the remaining squares.
  3. If there are any spaces where the circle is still not filled in, add more glue and sprinkle on more glitter. Tilt card so that excess glitter falls off.

Add Your Greeting

  1. As the glue dries, find a quote, lyric or message that matches the design, but also reflects the card’s recipient so that it’s personal. For the disco ball, I included a quote from a 1970s song (for song inspiration, check out my Ultimate Seventies Playlist)
  2. Once the glue has dried, write your greeting in pen or marker.
  3. Write your message inside the card and drop it off in the mail!

For the next card, I have decided to do a Renaissance theme. What is your vintage-themed greeting card going to be?


2 thoughts on “A Little Disco & Love: DIY Greeting Cards

  1. Love this blog, I do receive homemade cards and I so enjoy them. It is that little something extra that makes it so special!!!

  2. I enjoy reading your blog so much. You touch on what many people, young and old, are feeling about this modern age of ours. I look forward to your next post.

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