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After a recent trip to the beach, I returned home with a collection of seashells. During my strolls along the shores, I couldn’t help but think about how the ocean was once our only means to travel, to discover new land. Thinking of the wooden ships and white sails soaring over the waves, I began to picture a legend of the past – the mermaid.

I decided to create a vintage look that paralleled that of a mermaid. I immediately thought of Flower Power California. If you happen upon photographs of the mid-to-late nineteen sixties you will notice that the long wavy hair, flower crowns, flowy dresses and bright bikinis did resemble that of a mermaid.

The instructions below provide a how-to for making your own hippy inspired headband out of seashells. This project creates an item that reinvents the look of the sixties. It’s a great item to sport at the beach or at your next outdoor music festival.

Supplies Needed: This project requires a lot of supplies. If you don’t have the supplies below on hand, I would recommend putting a bit of money aside to purchase the items below. It’s a great starter inventory for craft supplies. You will end up using the items not just for this craft but for multiple DIY projects.

  • Seashells (the smaller the better so they won’t be too heavy)
  • Food Coloring
  • Kleenex
  • Elastic (1 cm in width and about 1 meter in length)
  • Lace
  • Glue Gun
  • Varnish (non-toxic)
  • Paint Brush
  • Needle & Thread

Color Scheme: With the food coloring, decide on the colors you want for your seashells. I chose a neutral peach by mixing red and yellow food coloring and adding water. The more water you add, the lighter the color will be.

Adding Color:

  • With a couple of folded pieces of Kleenex, dip the Kleenex in the water mixture and dab onto each seashell until the seashells change color
  • Place dyed seashells on flat surface to dry

Varnish & Glue:

  • Once the seashells are dry, varnish seashells with paintbrush
  • As the seashells dry, plug in the glue gun
  • Once the varnish is completely dry, place the seashells together in the shape you want and glue together using the glue gun (I also glued on some jewels to add a little sparkle to the look!)
  • Leave seashells to dry overnight and unplug the glue gun

Elastic Band: Wrap the elastic around your head to measure how long your headband will need to be. Make sure to add on a couple of inches after you have measured, just in case.

Lace: It’s ideal to find a piece of lace that is long in length. For example an old table cloth or table runner.

  • Plug in the glue gun
  • Lay the elastic band along the portion of the lace that you want to use and glue to the lace a little bit at a time
  • Make sure to stretch the elastic band as much as you can when, as you glue it to the lace
  • Leave to dry and unplug glue gun

Sew & Glue:

  • Once the glued lace on the elastic band is dry, cut off excess lace. If you have extra, set aside so that you can save the lace for a future project.
  • Wrap the now elegant elastic band around your head to see whether or not you need to adjust the length.
  • Once adjusted, use the needle and thread to sew the ends together. The thread should match the color of the lace.

Once sewn together, plug in the glue gun and glue the seashell on to your chosen side of the headband. Unplug the glue gun and leave to dry. Once the glue has set it’s time to try out your new accessory!


2 thoughts on “1960s Inspired DIY Project

  1. Very pretty …..elegant enough for a bride to wear at a Beach Resort wedding!!!! I have also seen seashells glued to the wooden border of a mirror, perhaps another project to use up more of your seashells!!!

  2. Re. The Hippy Dippy headband…very sweet, very pretty…you won’t find that at Target! Unique! 🐚

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