Finding Balance

DIY Project 1

In today’s media, there is a stereotype that suburban women of the fifties were bored and unhappy. In my last blog, I wanted Clare’s story to encapsulate the pressure and stress suburban women of that era may have felt as opposed to boredom. Clare’s thoughts are consumed over preparing a dinner menu for Saturday night. Although this story is set in the nineteen fifties, I was able to easily relate when writing this character and researching suburban life of the era.

Today we are faced with so much stress in our lives. Work, school, family, finances, health – they are constant concerns we endure on a daily basis. When sympathizing with Clare’s character I realized that the stresses in her life, such as having friends over for dinner, or making introductions to the new couple next door; were perhaps events that once caused stress but are now events that we long to have time for.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I decided to make time for the things I enjoy, which happens to be baking. I decided to prepare Valentine’s Day treats that are a reflection of Clare’s era. I made homemade Oreos – delicious! Oreos were a classic cookie of the fifties and still today. Taking the time out of our stressful lives, whether it’s reminiscing about having a laugh with your girlfriends as shown in Clare’s story or baking cookies can help you de-stress and bring you back to balance.

P.S. For the Oreo cookies, you can find the recipe on My Kitchen Addiction.