1920s DIY Project

DIY Project1


I fell in love with Eleanor’s character while writing her story. Her character stayed with me and I couldn’t help imagine where she was wandering off to that night. Though I’d like to move on to another time period, where we will encounter Clare, a woman from fifties suburbia, I can’t help but want to stay within the twenties era for a minute.

The era of the nineteen twenties has been very trendy over the past couple of years. Themed weddings, NYE parties, among other events have been designed to bring this era to the present day. If you’re planning your best friend’s Bachelorette, are looking for an idea for a Dinner Party or are wondering what to do for your Birthday then what better way to celebrate than to relive the vibrancy of the twenties!

The instructions below provide a simple 3-step DIY project that creates a great art deco inspired place setting. I’m going to use this table setting when having friends over to watch the upcoming Academy Awards, so that we can enjoy the show with a bit of old Hollywood decor.

Step 1 – Gather Supplies

For this project you will need:

  • Gold or black placemats (round or square)
  • Painters tape
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Pencil and ruler
  • Varnish (non-toxic)
  • Gold or black paint to contrast the colors of the placemats

Most of these supplies you can find around the home; however you can also buy them at any craft or art supply store.

Step 2 – Tape Outline on Placemats

In art deco design, I found there to be a focus on geometric shapes. I used a basic triangle design. Before using the tape to outline your design, I would recommend using a ruler and pencil to outline your shape first. I made the mistake of not using a ruler and as a result, the shapes are not completely symmetrical. After you have traced your outline, mark off your outline with the painters tape.

Step 3 – Paint & Varnish

Use the paint and paintbrush to paint the outlined areas and let dry. Once completely dry, remove tape and coat with a layer of varnish.

Your finished product will be a simple yet classic table setting that is akin to Eleanor’s time. For the Academy Awards I’ll be serving some vintage fare to match this place setting. The menu and recipes will soon be available!